Social Studies
    The Social Studies Department of Essex High School welcomes you to its home page. Members of the department are:

Jeff Smith  Advanced Placement Government and Politics 
U.S. Government
Link to Class Website 
Andrew Ashu U.S. History and World Geography 
Timothy Weaver U.S. History, World Geography, and Ancient World History 
Dan Bowden Sociology
Modern World History
Personal Finance
Matt Brent Dual Enrollment US History

    Our goal in the Social Studies Department here at Essex County High School is to teach our students to become competent and productive citizens in life. To accomplish this goal we will teach students critical thinking skills, life skills they need for work or college, and how to develop habits of the mind. All students will be challenged and encouraged to do their best work at all times. We want students to have an appreciation for the area that we live in as well as our world.