Art Department

 Jacob Young   Art I
Photography I
Graphic Art Design I

Art I  Art I is designed to teach students how to communicate through non-verbal means. Art I covers such topics as art history, the study of the elements and principles of design
Art II Art II continues the study of the elements and principles of design. In this course, students will use more advanced materials and techniques for creating art, as well as a more in-depth look at Art History.
Art III Art III students will further develop their knowledge of the elements and principles of art.This class also works with life drawing skills of the human form. More emphasis is placed on sculpture. A more personal development and individual style of expression is developed.    
Art IV There is an emphasis on visual problem solving, developing a personal style of expression, and individual projects. Students are expected to exercise an aesthetic judgment and engage in critiques of their own artwork, as well as that of others. Students will develop and maintain a portfolio.  
2D Art Students will have the opportunity to increase their understanding and appreciation of art through responding to and making two dimensional visual images. T 
Craft Design  Craft Design is designed to give students opportunities to develop skills in a variety of craft techniques. Examples of the skills that may be developed include macramé, decoupage, charted designs, basketry, weaving, quilting, knitting, crocheting, papercraft, bookbinding, and stamping  
Graphics Art Design I
Introduces students to the principles of graphic design and visual communication. Emphasis will be placed on the design process using methods, strategies, and techniques to create original student artwork.  
Photography I  The introductory course deals with traditional black and white photography as well as digital photography and teaches basic camera handling.  In addition, digital photography, photograms, special effects, and the history of photography maybe addressed. 
Photography  II  This course deals with the advanced development of traditional black and white photography as well as digital photography. 
Composition and the elements and principles of art are expanded.  

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