Essex High School Music

Director - Ms. Sara Unrein

Grade Levels:  Ninth - Twelfth
        Prerequisite:  Positive record from past instrumental music classes, or a recommendation from an instrumental music teacher, and the successful completion of an audition.

        Coursework includes the study of various musical concepts, numerous performance opportunities in and out of school, and consistent challenges. All band members are expected to participate in the EHS "Pep Squad".

        Some of the performances that are required for this course are a Winter and Spring Concert, Area Band, Graduation and other community-based events such as Memorial Day.

        Some band members will be asked to audition for District Band as well as Area Band.

Director- Mr. Perry Wormley 

Grade Levels:  Ninth - Twelfth
        Prerequisite:  None

        The choir is an ensemble of all levels of singers. This group's focus is acquiring musical literacy, basic musical skills, and a healthy vocal production. Performance opportunities include Homecoming, Winter and Spring Concerts, Graduation and other community-based events.

        Some choir members will be asked to audition for District Choir as well as Area Choir.

District XV Choir Website Click Here

Guitar I

Grade Levels:  Ninth-Twelfth
    Prerequisite:  None

        In Guitar I students learn a very broad sense of the guitar that covers different genres. The class focus is on acquiring musical literacy, basic guitar skills, as well as a lasting love for music.

Guitar II

Grade Levels:  Tenth-Twelfth
        Prerequisite:  Completion of Guitar I course.

        Guitar II is a class that develops on those skills that were developed in Guitar I as well as focusing on the specific techniques needed for each genre. Guitar II focuses more on the individual student's style of guitar playing and those skills that are required for their style.